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Half a Million Online Gambling Accounts Have Been Take Down Half a Million Online Gambling Accounts Have Been Take Down

Half a Million Online Gambling Accounts Have Been Take DownMinister of Communication and Information (Menkominfo) Johnny G Plate revealed that his party had terminated access or took down half a million accounts and online gambling sites. Cyber ​​patrols are ongoing. “People also ask about gambling. Since 2018, half a million gambling accounts have been taken down, more than half (million). We also carry out cleaning cyber patrols every day,” said Johnny Plate at the Jakarta Presidential Palace as reported by Antara, Tuesday ( 2/8/2022).

Johnny’s statement was in response to the opinion of netizens who considered that the Ministry of Communication and Informatics allowed online gambling applications to operate, but blocked a number of applications, including Paypal. Johnny said his party did not give space to online gambling because it violated the law.

However, he explained that a number of applications, including games that register Electronic System Operators (PSE), will be clarified and deepened. “We have further clarification on the PSE list. If it is found to be related to online gambling, there is no room in Indonesia to take it down. Hopefully it will be completed in one, two days. We don’t want to take it down without further clarification,” he said.

Based on the explanation above, the author can convey that the definition of online gambling is a game that is carried out using money as a bet with the terms of the game and the amount of bets determined by online gambling players and using electronic media with internet access as an intermediary.

Is it dangerous to play online gambling?

Now many online gambling have sprung up that offer easy access and the dream of getting money quickly if you win. The capital is only a smart phone (smartphone) with a so-called small capital. But in the long run, online gambling actually makes the perpetrators addicted and has the potential to commit criminal acts